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Celeste Rollason-Szalai

PRIVO-Cert Program Manager

A graduate of the Children’s Entertainment: Writing, Production and Management post –graduate Program at Centennial College, Celeste Rollason-Szalai is an emerging professional in the interactive and gaming space. In addition to her media training, Celeste comes from a background in early childhood education and technical theatre production, with more than 10 years’ experience working as an instructor and stage director of children ages 3-12.

Celeste worked as a Researcher for Centennial College’s kidsmediacentre, working on An Ethical Framework for Marketing and Monetizing Digital Media Content for a ‘Self-Published’ Children’s/Youth Audience. She has worked as a freelance play-tester at TVO (Television Ontario) consulting as an expert in child-development and educational media.
Celeste has just celebrated her first year at PRIVO working as the PRIVO-Cert Compliance Manager.

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