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PRIVO started an initiative called Online Privacy Matters, educating kids, educators, parents and organizations about privacy, choice and online identity. Without online privacy, we are subject to all of our actions being collected and analyzed in databases.
Our personal information is something we should be able to share on our own terms with choice. Personal data can be used to affect our reputations; and can be used to shape our behavior and influence our decisions.

School Curriculum

The PRIVO Education Program is a multifaceted and interdisciplinary program that introduces online privacy and security within the context of educating children and young adults to this new and ever expanding landscape. The lessons and accompanying activities have been created to be totally interactive and interdisciplinary in order to be incorporated into your school’s curriculum. The lessons are designed to be used and shared in any order or context by any group as long as permission from PRIVO has been granted.

Contact us if you are interested in using the curriculum at your school or organization.

Visit our Online Privacy Matters website to learn more about our school curriculum.

Parent Resources

PRIVO believes it is important for parents to help manage their child’s online privacy. We teach our children how to wait for the green light before crossing the street, not to speak to strangers  and how to look both ways before crossing.

There are some very similar rules we need to teach our child before they take their first click on the Internet. Check out PRIVO’s Online Privacy Matters website to tap into the resources for parents.

Show Your Company Cares

Download the Online Privacy Matters badge of your choice for your website or app and link it back to the Online Privacy Matters site. If you want to be armed with more resources and be added to our company supporter page, email us here:


PRIVO created a campaign for people to show they care about online privacy and to learn why online privacy matters. Help us reach, protect and enable over 10 million children through parents, grandparents, educators and family friends; to play and learn in a privacy enhanced online ecosystem.

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